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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Sparkle Minds is an established after-school program that has been an influential pillar in the field of children's education for over two decades. Founded in 2002, our journey started from modest beginnings. Our determined and visionary founder, Mrs. Bindu Batra, courageously turned a dream into a vibrant, thriving reality, creating a space where young minds could flourish and grow beyond the confines of regular school hours.

An after-school program, such as ours, offers much more than just extended child care. We provide a structured, supportive environment where children engage in a variety of educational activities designed to complement their formal schooling. These activities aim to foster their intellectual, social, and emotional development, helping to nurture well-rounded individuals. By extending learning beyond the classroom, we provide opportunities for children to explore new areas of interest, develop their talents, and strengthen their skills in a relaxed yet stimulating environment.


Since 2002, we've built strong relationships with families in our community, earning the trust and approval of hundreds of satisfied parents. These relationships are a testament to our commitment and dedication to delivering high-quality, enriching experiences for all our students.


Our primary mission at Sparkle Minds is to develop each child into a confident and intelligent individual who is not just equipped for, but will thrive in, their future endeavors. We understand that every child is unique, with their own set of strengths, interests, and learning styles. Therefore, we tailor our programs to cater to this uniqueness, fostering a sense of self-belief and instilling in them a love for lifelong learning.


We take immense pride in our role as educators and facilitators, helping to shape the successful, bright young minds of the future. We are committed to nurturing their potential, broadening their horizons, and instilling in them the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed. At Sparkle Minds, we are more than an after-school program; we are a community dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and celebrating the spark within every child.

Our Founder

In 2002, Bindu Batra, an ambitious and resilient woman, embarked on a journey that would change the lives of countless children in Delhi. Having faced failure in the CA finals seven times, she had become no stranger to adversity. Yet, Bindu was not one to be easily defeated. Each setback served as fuel to her unwavering determination and undying spirit, eventually leading her to pivot her path towards the realm of education.


Bindu started Sparkle Minds from her own home, providing an intimate, nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. Her natural affinity for education and relentless passion quickly gained recognition, and her small classes soon blossomed into a bustling learning community. She infused her teachings with a unique blend of traditional and innovative methods, fostering a love for learning and exploration in her students.


Fueled by her early success and the evident impact she was making, Bindu dared to dream bigger. She expanded her humble home-based setup to a dedicated Multiple Intelligence Center in Punjabi Bagh. This center was a testament to her belief in holistic and individualized education, focusing not only on traditional academics but also on nurturing the diverse intelligence that each child possesses.


Bindu's mission did not stop at one center. Her vision for Sparkle Minds was larger. Leveraging her extensive experience and reputation in the education sector, she continued to grow the company. Today, Sparkle Minds boasts four centers located in Delhi's prime locations - Punjabi Bagh, Rajouri Garden, Rajendra Nagar, and Pitampura, making quality after-school education accessible to more families.


Bindu Batra's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and the belief in one's purpose. Despite her early setbacks, she managed to create a renowned educational institution that has shaped the lives of hundreds of children over the past 21 years. She embodies the spirit of Sparkle Minds - to persist, to shine, and to never give up, inspiring not only her students but also everyone who hears her story.

Our Clients

Our client, Kyari Playschool
Our Client, GD Goenka La Petite
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