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Bindu Batra doing a worshop, and showing various experiments to the children

Welcome to Bindu Batra's
        Sparkle Minds

Our Passion, Their Future

Welcome to Bindu Batra's Sparkle Minds, an innovative platform of enriched education for children aged 2 to 12. As a leading after-school program, we embody a fusion of conventional education and holistic development, providing an environment that is invigorating and nurturing.

With the proud addition of our newest centre in Rajendra Nagar, we now have four thriving centers in Delhi, including Punjabi Bagh, Rajouri Garden, Rajendra Nagar, and Pitampura. Each centre is a haven of intellectual exploration, meticulously designed to cater to young minds by offering experiences that transcend the conventional confines of learning.


Our comprehensive curriculum offers both online and offline classes, providing the adaptability to accommodate different learning styles and needs. Our educational focus embraces the concept of Multiple Intelligence, fostering creativity, and empowering independent thinking.


At the helm of our program are our passionate and talented educators, dedicated to inspiring and guiding each child on their unique academic journey. Education, to us, is not merely a goal but an engaging adventure, and our team serves as the perfect companions for your child's scholarly exploration.


Joining Bindu Batra's Sparkle Minds paves the way for a distinctive and fruitful learning experience that can shape your child's academic journey and set the foundation for their future success. Our mission is to mold young scholars into confident, creative, and empathetic individuals, equipped to navigate the intricacies of an ever-evolving world.


Invest in your child's future with Bindu Batra's Sparkle Minds. We are dedicated to unlocking potential, inspiring curiosity, and fostering brilliance. Your child's educational adventure awaits! Enroll with us and let your child be a part of our vibrant learning community.

Our Latest Events

Join Sparkle Minds' Hindi Handwriting Workshop to strengthen your child's penmanship skills. Handwriting enhances cognitive development, creativity, and confidence. Our workshop provides specialized techniques for improved speed and elegance in writing Hindi. Enroll today to unlock these benefits

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